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About WoodworkerParts.com

Whoa! Unfindable parts!

WoodworkerParts is a... microbusiness. Just one person, and a growing selection of parts.

Where do unfindable parts come from? From findable tools. I buy used tools, take them apart, and sell the parts. Since I know how to build a database and web site (in addition to furniture), you can find them here.

WoodworkerParts is not a warehouse,  not a comprehensive parts supplier.What I have, is what I have. I started this with parts from models of tools that I have owned or worn out, and I've worn out a few. I'm gradually adding more models of tools. But I only sell parts for tools that I know something about. When you see a part on woodworkerparts.com, you can be sure it fits and works in the tools I show.

You can also ask for parts  you want that I don't have. I don't promise I can supply them, but it helps me understand what new models are worth adding.

Woodworkerparts is part of Dalkeith Press, Inc., a Pennsylvania (USA) Corporation.

About Condition of Parts

Parts may show their condition. If not shown, the part is used.

All the parts I sell are fully functional. There is no price difference between new, used, or nearly new parts. They all work.

No Returns

I don't accept returns. For most parts, they are clearly workable and the come from the model listed. Electrical parts are always taken from a tool that I personally have observed to work.

If you have a problem with a part, please contact me. I'm a tool user and fixer like you, and I might be able to help. If there is a reasonable basis, I might exchange another part for the one you have. But in several years of this, I've never had a customer complain that a part didn't work.

About Models that a Part Fits

Every part will show at least one model of tool that it fits. This almost always means that the part is reclaimed from a tool of that model. Some parts are known to fit more than one model, and up to three can be shown on the part detail page. If the tool model is not there, I make no guarantee that the part will fit. On the other hand, if I don't list a model, it might fit. If you research this on your own, and find the same part number on a reputable parts site as belonging to that model, I still can't guarantee it will fit.

About Shipping Time and Costs

Shipping parts is a bear. Both their weight and their size affects the cost. Customers rarely buy more than one part. I try to offer fair shipping costs, and the small parts are very reasonable. Heavy and/or bulky parts are expensive to ship. You might know of a way to ship a part at lower cost, but this doesn't mean it makes sense for me to offer that means of shipping. Nor is it possible to properly offer various shipping methods without expensive custom programming in a custom shopping cart.  Remember, just one guy selling parts.

It's not guaranteed, but I usually ship a part in the next mail pickup. I ship everything by mail/post. Packages under a pound are probably first class; over a pound is called "parcel select". Within the US, first class usually takes a few days in transit. Parcel select will go by truck from Philadelphia, so allow for slower transit and longer distances. These are just estimates. Your package might be the exception that takes longer.

Outside the US, I have limited knowledge of delivery times. I know from my experience posting books that customers in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand often get packages within two weeks. I suspect western Europe is similar. In contrast, packages to South Africa often never arrive, or can take close to two months. I simply cannot guarantee delivery there, and I won't replace a package lost in the post to SA.

About the Price of Parts

All prices in US dollars. If you're outside the US, your payment will be converted to your currency by paypal or by your credit card bank. If you need to convert a cost, I suggest visting xe.com which will quickly convert a price to your currency.

Customers sometimes ask me to sell parts at a lower price. My response is always, "No." I understand why some people consider the asking prices to be unjustified. I fully respect someone's decision to scrap a tool rather than paying the asking price for a part or two needed to keep it 100% functioning. After all, that's exactly how I got started selling parts, when I scrapped my 315.275000 router and sold its parts. But the parts I sell (most of them) are scarce. I don't have a case of 500 on the shelf. Often I only have one, and don't know when I'll get another. Their market value is what a buyer is willing to pay. Different customers value parts differently. The prices I ask reflect what they sell for.

My offering is not - say - an abstract nut with certain threads. This you can buy in a hardware store. What I offer is the result of considerable effort and expertise. I know how tools work, and what the parts do. I can assess the health of parts. I know how to judge the value of a used tool. I know how/where to find used tools. I sometimes go to considerable effort to get them. (I've driven several hours to buy a good tool.) I break them down, which takes time and expertise. I organize and store their parts. I photograph them professionally. I research part numbers, and assign the correct number to each part and to every photo. I enter each photo and each part into a database. I maintain that database to provide an in-stock/out-of-stock status for each part. I've created and maintain a website, which lets you easily search that database, offer parts, and show their detailed photos and which tools they work in. 

When you visit woodworkerparts.com, you get the benefit of all this effort. You can easily find a part knowing just the model number and something about the name of the part. Then you can see it in clear photos, and see photos of the tool models that it works in. You can buy that part with full confidence in what you will get.

So, can you buy that that collet which is listed for $50, for $20? No. It's worth $50, and that's what it sells for.

Giving up on your Tool?

Have you decided that it's not worth buying parts to fix your tool? Would you like to get something for it, as is? Contact me. Tell me what you've got and what's wrong with it. It's very important that you tell me what "disconnected" parts you have. For example, with routers, they come with a wrench, and many have 2 collets. One is in the tool. The other is either lost or not. I need to know if you have those disconnected parts. It if makes sense, I'll make you an offer. If you agree, I'll send you a sales contract and a shipping label. You'll need to box up the tool and ship it. Once I get it, I'll double check it against what you described, and I'll pay you either by paypal transfer or by mailing a check, within 5 business days. That can be a good start toward a shiny new tool!