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Shipping Costs on WoodworkerParts.com

I ship to the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. All shipments go by US Mail/International Post.

The shipping cost is only shown after you get to the payment page and enter your address. You then must select a (the only) ship method, and the payment total will increase to reflect the ship cost. Its not the best checkout experience but we live in perilous times. International shipping is new for me. It's possible I might not be able to ship an order if my estimates are way off.

Costs are set by weight. Most parts weigh 4 oz or less. Here are some examples, with their Feb 2019 ship costs. True, the cost may increase with time and this page might not be current. The payment page rules.

ALL US $. Over 6 lbs per order will
require a surcharge.

  Weight USA Canada Other countries
Up to 1 lb $6.00 $11.00US $15.00US
up to 2 $12.50 $18.00US $24.00US
up to 3 $17.00 $26.00US $37.00US
up to 4 $20.00 $37.00US $59.00US
Not more than 6 $26.00 $61.00US $101.00US

Here are some actual part weights:

Brush Assemblies(2) 0.07
Chip Shield 0.07
Controller w screw 0.08
1/2in Collet Adapter 0.13
Shaft Lock Assembly 0.13
SubBase w/ Screws 0.19
Collet Nut 0.25
Ring Assembly 0.25
Collet Wrench 0.25
Motor Housing 0.38
Power Cord 0.50
Guide 1.21
Base-Aluminum 1.90
Complete Fixed Base 2.20
Armature w Bearings 3.00
Stator 3.00
Complete Plunge Base 3.55
Motor Assembly 5.10

The heaviest part I have at this time (Feb 2019) is under 6 lbs. This is the heaviest package I will post, and this is the highest ship cost the cart can calculate. The cart will allow you to make your order heavier, but I won't ship it at that cost. I'll contact you with the actual cost and you can accept or decline.